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Animal Veterinary Science

  • Program Information:

    Animal Veterinary Science courses incorporate 6 classes throughout the year.  Students will learn a wide array of topics within the agricultural industry, exposing students to the many and varied types of agriculture and livestock career opportunities and to those in related fields (such as natural resources).   Students will learn the importance of plant and animal cell structure, functions of the cells, plant and animal processes, heredity and genetics, and the basic factors that affect life and quality relating to agriculture and natural resources.  Lastly, the courses prepare individuals to serve in leadership and communication roles in agriculture. Topics will include an examination of the journalistic, communication, and broadcasting principles to develop and disseminate agricultural information, along with leadership principles related to leadership theory and personal leadership development. Classes incorporate the principles of animal production and management to include health, evaluation, selection, feeding, and management.  Students will also have the opportunity to intern at animal veterinary hospitals.  


    Program Requirements:

    • Introduction to Agriculture

    • Agricultural Biology

    • Experimental Learning and SAE

    • Animal Science

    • Principles of Agriculture Communications and Leadership 

    • Applied Livestock Management

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