Drop Off & Pick-Up

  • Please help us keep our students safe:

    1. Please drop off and pick up passengers in the drop-off/pick-up zone.
    2. The drop-off/pick-up zone is a NO PARKING area.  Double parking in the loading zone is forbidden
    3. Do not drop off/pick up students in the parking lot designated for Westside Staff parking.  Our youngest students wait and play in this area.
    4. Students will wait on the sidewalk by the loading sign. They may not cross the parking lots to reach a car.
    5. Walk on the sidewalks and DO NOT walk between waiting cars.
    6. Visitors may use both parking lots in front of the school if you are staying at school during the day.
    7. Students walking to school should cross streets at crosswalks only and always stay on the sidewalk. 

    Bus Area

    No cars are allowed in the west parking area. Our state laws require a designated bussing zone free of cars and pedestrians.

    School Arrival and Departure


    Outside supervision


    Breakfast – students may enter through the front door and go outside with their class if they finish before 8:15 am


    Students enter the building through their grade level doors.


    Students must be in their classrooms.  Students who arrive after 8:20 are tardy and parents need to sign them in at the office.


    Students are dismissed.   We request they leave the school grounds.


    Outside supervision