School Wide Expectations

  • Our main emphasis is to encourage positive student behavior through verbal reinforcement, positive contacts with home, and recognition for positive behavior. As a school, we focus on: Respect, Responsibility, Kindness, Friendship, Empathy, Honesty, Cooperation, Fairness, and Patience. It would be impractical to list everything students should and should not do while at school. The basic rules listed below reflect our school’s focus on positive school behavior.


    Be Respectful by:
    Listening for and following directions
    Being patient and waiting quietly
    Using kind words and actions
    Listening with eyes and ears

    Be Responsible by: 
    Following directions the first time given
    Giving your best effort
    Being prepared for class

    Be Safe by:
    Keeping your hands, feet and objects to yourself 
    Taking care of your space
    Using peaceful solutions


    Be Respectful by:
    Following adult directions
    Keeping your hands, feet and objects to yourself
    Using kind words and actions

    Be Responsible by:
    Following established procedures
    Reporting disturbances accidents and injuries to an adults

    Be Safe by:
    Taking turns
    Using equipment, toys, and games properly
    Keeping your hands, feet and object to yourself


    Be Respectful by:
    Cleaning up after yourself 
    Respecting others’ privacy
    Using a quiet voice

    Be Responsible by
    Flushing the toilet
    Putting all paper towels in the basket
    Reporting graffiti, damage, or disturbances to a staff member

    Be Safe by:
    Washing hands with soap
    Getting in and out quickly