• The School Community Council (SCC) plays a very important role in partnering in the education of our children with the school, its staff and faculty, and the district. The SCC provides a cooperative means of improving the educational programs and conditions within the school. SCC responsibilities include:

    • Developing a School Improvement Plan using the state’s WISE Tool
    • Assisting in the development and implementation of a school professional development plan
    • Advising and making recommendations to school and school district administrators and the local school board regarding the school and its programs, school district programs, and other issues relating to the community environment for students
    • Developing a reading achievement plan

    To carry out these responsibilities, members of the SCC must plan to accomplish the following tasks:

    • Identify the school's most critical academic needs and recommend courses of action to meet those needs
    • Review the school budgets, IRI and ISAT data, and federal Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP), and other information provided by the principal, to develop a school improvement plan specific enough to produce a measurable increase in student performance
    • Develop a list of programs, practices, materials or equipment the school will need to implement its improvement plan
    • Describe how the school intends to enhance or improve academic achievement.
    • Provide ongoing support for the plan and monitor its implementation

    In addition the SCC has these additional responsibilities:

    • Work collaboratively on school discipline, attendance, and citizenship policies and procedures, including site-based plans to deal with student harassment and bullying
    • Review the school's Emergency Preparedness Plan Annually
    • Approve fund-raising activities involving students, in advance and in relation to school board policy
    • Evaluate the school community efforts in shared governance after receiving SCC survey results and make recommendations