Community Resources

  • Food, Clothing and Shelter

    Bonneville County Social Services 529-1350 ext. 1385 

    Deseret Industries Thrift Store 524-3300

    F.A.I.T.H. Housing Program 522-1056

    F.I.S.H. (provides heating/power assistance and school supplies) 521-2631

    Food Stamps/Self Reliance Program 1-877-456-1233

    Gustafson House 542-2905

    The Haven Homeless Shelter 523-6413

    Idaho Falls Community Food Bank 524-0994

    Idaho Health and Welfare Navigators *Call the Idaho Care Line at 211

    Idaho Housing Agency 522-6002

    Salvation Army 522-7200

    St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store and Food Pantry 522-6280

    The City of Refuge 552-5575

    WIC Program, Eastern ID Public Health 522-3823

    Crisis Assistance

    "A Friend Asks" app from The Jason Foundation. It is a free app with instant resources in a moment of crisis. 

    Behavioral Health Center at EIRMC (24 hours) 1-800-483-4762

    BHC 24 Hour Help Line (208) 403-9675

    Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-8255 (TALK)

    Suicide Prevention Action Network (SPAN Idaho) 208-860-1703

    Crisis Text Line 741741

    Free for people of all ages – we’re not just for teenagers. Parents, college students, older adults, and anyone else are welcome to text.  You’ll be connected to a trained Crisis Counselor who is ready to take you from a “hot moment” to a “cool calm.” They’ll actively listen to you to help you determine your next steps to stay safe. They won’t offer direct advice, but they can guide you to coping skills.

    Free – Crisis Text Line does not charge for the support it provides. Standard messaging fees are waived on Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint, and texts to 741741 will not appear on your phone bill if you use one of these carriers.

    Confidential – What you say stays between you and the Crisis Counselor. If you are in immediate risk of seriously hurting yourself or others, emergency services may be contacted. We are mandated reporters for cases of abuse of a minor.

    24/7 - Help is available around the clock – we answer over 90% of texters within 5 minutes or less.

    Nationwide – Volunteers from around the country, supporting people in crisis across the country. 

    Mental Health Agencies

    A-Z Family Services 881-5059

    Addiction and Trauma Recovery Services 208-627-5825

    Children's Supportive Services 524-8996

    Creekside Counseling 529-5777

    Family Resource Center 552-1222

    Healthy Place Counseling 524-4818

    Crisis Line - 200-4818

    Human Dynamics and Diagnostics 522-0140

    Innovative Health Care 529-8526

    Joshua D Smith & Associates 529-3719

    Mental Wellness Centers 542-1026

    Padron Counseling 522-6925

    Park Avenue Counseling 357-4028

    Pearl Health Clinic 346-7500

    Rehabilitative Health Services (RHS) 522-8899

    State of Idaho Mental Health 528-5700

    Stewards of Recovery 932-4493

    Teton Counseling 542-0352

    Tueller Counseling 557-7500

    Well Spring Counseling 557-7500

    Youth and Family Renewal - Counseling Clinic - 523-0787

    SAMHSA links to community providers in your area with one quick search:

    Suicide Warning Signals

    Four out of five teens who attempt suicide give clear warning signs.

    • Preoccupation with death
    • Change in eating and sleeping habits
    • Unexplained or unusual rebellion or disruptive behavior
    • Depression and withdrawal
    • Persistent boredom or difficulty concentrating
    • Failing grades
    • Unusual neglect of appearance
    • Radical personality change
    • Giving away prized possessions
    • Expressing suicidal thoughts, even in a joking manner

    Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-8255 (TALK)

    Suicide Prevention Action Network (SPAN Idaho) 208-860-1703