• Few factors have a greater influence on school success than regular attendance. Regular attendance means that students should be in school, on time every day except for sickness or other emergency situations.

    ANY ABSENCE - Please notify the school (525-7648) by 9:00 A.M. on the day your child is absent. This helps us confirm that each child is accounted for.

    EXCESSIVE ABSENCE or TARDINESS - If a pattern of absenteeism develops, the teacher will contact the parent/guardians to determine needs. The teacher will notify the principal concerning the absences and/or tardiness.

    PRINCIPAL INTERVENTION - After the teacher has made a contact with the parents/guardians concerning excessive absences and/or tardiness, if necessary, the principal will then take steps to help in correcting any further problems. This assistance may include involvement of the school nurse or counselor, notifying the truant officer, or initiating a referral to the Department of Health and Welfare.

    Pursuant to Idaho Code 33-206 YOUR STUDENT MUST ATTEND SCHOOL. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure regular attendance. Please familiarize yourself with the District’s Attendance Policy which can be found on the District’s website

    Please make sure to send a signed note or call the office within 3 school days.

    People with a good education are much more likely to have a bright future. Let's give our Longfellow students every advantage and have them come to school everyday!!