School Safety

  • In order to ensure safety for the children, please observe the following safety expectations:

    • Playground supervision begins fifteen minutes before school starts (7:45 AM Tuesday – Friday and 8:45 Mondays). Students should not arrive before this time. Parents that choose not to follow this expectation may be jeopardizing the safety of their child(ren). There are no staff members on the playground before 7:45 Tuesday – Friday (8:45 Monday).
    • Please do not drop off students in the traffic loop in the front of the school. It is for daycare and district buses.
    • Do not use the east parking lot as drop-off/pick-up area. The drop off areas are located on 9th Street next to the west parking lot or behind the school on Cambridge Dr.
    • When parents are here to pick-up their child(ren) and bring siblings, please have them follow the school safety expectations.

    Arriving at School Procedure - The first bell rings at 7:55. At this bell, students will line-up with their class and their teacher will bring them into the building. At all student entrances, when the last class enters and the doors close, they lock. Locked and secured doors are essential to creating a safe school environment. If your student is not here when classes enter the building, please bring them to the front entrance and/or drop them off at the front entrance. As per district policy, if a student arrives past the second bell (8:00), they are tardy. They will need to stop at the front office to order lunch and receive a pass so the teacher knows they have been accounted for. This enables the secretaries to ensure PowerSchool is accurate (absence vs. tardy) and that a lunch has been ordered for them. On Mondays, the times are one hour later. Help your student get the day started right by arriving to school ontime.

    Each school maintains a safety plan including procedures for both evacuation and lockdown. A safe place has been identified in the event that we would need to evacuate the school grounds. Teachers, staff, and students are aware of the plan, have been trained on all procedures, and practice the procedures with regularity.


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