Drop Off & Pick-Up

  • Students Arriving at School


    The District has installed a traffic loop for parents to drop-off and pick-up their children before and after school. The intent of this loop is to help prevent accidents between cars and children at school. We need every parent to help make this work! It is essential that parents do not use the parking lots to drop-off or pick-up their children. Our instructions to the students are to never walk in the parking lots. They only walk in the crosswalks and on sidewalks. The reason for this rule is to keep all children safe. Danger from automobiles is a threat to children’s safety. Please read and follow these procedures for safely delivering your child to/from school:

    1. Only drop your child off at the parents' drop-off loop on the northwest side of the school on Genevieve Way.  Do not park or leave your car unattended in this area.  Traffic is one-way in the traffic loop from west to east.  Staff will be on duty before and after school to assist as needed.
    2. Daycare buses also use the parents' drop-off loop.
    3. When children arrive at school, they will use the sidewalk to walk to the sides of the building where their classes meet.  They can play, then line up when the first bell rings. 
    4. Do not drive into the south section of the east parking lot as some students who walk to school cross this to get to school.
    5. Do not drive into the west parking lot as some students who walk to school may use the crosswalk to get to the parent drop-off/pick-up lane on Genevieve Way.
    6. Reminder: Mondays through Thursdays the first bell to line up rings at 7:57 and the tardy bell rings at 8:00. On Fridays, the first bell to line up rings at 8:57 and the tardy bell rings at 9:00.