PTO & Volunteering

  • Attention Parents! We are currently looking for people who would be willing to serve on our PTO for next school year! You can be involved as much or as little as you would like! We are looking for executive board officers, as well as volunteers to be in charge of individual projects, like fundraising and family activities. This is a fun way to meet other parents and be involved in your child's school! If you are interested or have questions, please contact the school at 525-7602. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!!

     Volunteers Needed! 

     We can use any and all help that we can get, so even if you can only come for one hour at one activity that’s still GREAT!!  

    What are the rewards of volunteering?  What is it that makes it worthwhile to take time out of busy schedules to help out at school? Parents report the following benefits of volunteering:

    • Firsthand Knowledge about the School: Volunteering gives you the opportunity to meet teachers and observe what happens at school. You can then evaluate what your child says (and what other parents tell you) based on your own impressions.
    • A Sense of Belonging: Volunteering connects you to the place where your child spends many hours each day.
    • Social Opportunities: Volunteers meet other parents and make new friends. Sometimes it is difficult to get to know people in your neighborhood.
    • A Sense of Achievement: Volunteering can produce tangible rewards, such as watching a child you tutor grasp a math concept or seeing the new computer purchased with grocery receipts.
    • Appreciation from your child: Children like to see visible signs that you care. They enjoy seeing you relate to school staff members. It helps them link home and school.
    • Reinforcing the Importance of School: By spending time on school activities, you are letting students know that school is important – you want them to work hard and achieve success.