• Moving Guidelines

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    Please review this carefully for important information about the upcoming moves. Here you should find answers to everything from how to get boxes, to what technology will move, to who will do the moving.


    • The employee or supervisor should notify HR/Payroll about staff changes/moves.
    • That is the only notification needed. HR/Payroll will share that information with the IT Department, which will take care of all the “virtual” changes such as email distribution lists, etc.


    • In general, teachers moving to a new school will leave all curriculum resources at their current school EXCEPT IN CASES of a boundary change or the relocation of a special program when curriculum resources may not be available in the new school. In most other cases, curriculum resources would be available at the new school.
    • If teachers arrive at a new school and find they are missing critical curriculum resources, they would contact Todd Brown, just as we do now as classroom counts fluctuate from year to year.


    • In general, furniture does not move with teachers. All furniture should remain at the school.
    • The only EXCEPTION is in the case of a boundary change or the relocation of a special program. If a school is gaining additional classes, and another is losing classes, then classroom sets of desks would move to the school that needs them. Special programs often have unique furniture or equipment that would need to move with the program in order to properly serve students.

    Involuntary transfers ONLY Boxes, Moving Supplies & Moving Dates:

    • All teachers moving to a new building will receive 20 boxes from the warehouse. Building secretaries will order boxes for each building, as well as tape, etc.
    • Boxes will need to be assembled when they arrive at a school.
    • Do not use your own boxes. Big boxes are difficult to move and can cause workplace injuries
    • We use a uniform system to label boxes. New!! The Print Shop can print blank labels and have them delivered to the schools so teachers/staff can fill them out and affix them to the boxes. Please put the labels on the side of the boxes. The labels will include:
    • Teacher’s name
    • Teacher’s current classroom number or room name
    • Name of the new school
    • New classroom number or room name if it’s available
    • Move dates, schedules, drivers, and workers will be identified and communicated on years when a large scale is needed.


    • Certified staff WILL TAKE:
    • Their primary laptop or desktop computer from their classroom/office, including a docking station, monitor (s), keyboard, mouse, speakers, chargers, and some cables.
    • Their individually assigned Chromebook or iPad with chargers.
    • Their Apple devices that have a lot of personal setup and preferences.
    • New!! USB hubs and Docking Stations with cables and power cords
    • Certified staff WILL NOT TAKE:
    • Mounted or permanently installed equipment such as projectors, interactive boards, sound systems, etc.
    • Shared A/V and peripheral equipment that is shared by a department or checked out from the media center such as clickers, networked printers, projectors, etc.
    • Classroom phones
    • Additional classroom computers such as “student computers” and charging carts
    • Classroom headsets
    • DVD players with remotes, cables, and power cords
    • Portable projectors with remotes, cables, and power cords that are not mounted
    • Cameras with cables and power cords
    • Their document camera with remotes, cables, and power cords
    • Printers and cables
    • Specific software licenses such as Doceri, etc.
    • Certified staff who are retiring or leaving the district are asked to return laptops, individually assigned Chromebooks or iPad with chargers, Apple devices to the IT Department at the IT Complex under the east stadium.


    • Please remember that in all cases, technology should be linked to specific learning objectives and be part of a general effort to provide engaging instruction. As such, technology is tied to specific uses, not to specific people or schools.
    • Generally, our technology is purchased using taxpayer money. It is our responsibility to ensure it is being used, and that devices are not gathering dust. As such, we need to ensure that technology is shared and distributed across the district in ways that will ensure it has a positive impact in our classrooms and on our students.
    • Items purchased with grant money, PTO funds, title funds, CTE funds, E-Rate funds or curriculum funds, and/or Special Ed funds stay at the current school. The exception is if a Special Program is being relocated to a new school, then the items purchased with Special Ed funds would move to the new school. (Funding sources are all noted in the equipment database so please notify the IT Department in the event of special circumstances so those items can be properly tracked, which we are required to do.)
    • After a move, if a school or teacher finds they do not have the technology they need to meet their instructional objectives, please notify the IT Department. The department will address situations on a case-by-case basis and try to locate needed items.
    • In unique situations such as boundary changes, special program relocations, school closures, etc., some issues may be addressed on a case-by-case basis. In general, with these kinds of moves, we want to maintain existing student-to-computer ratios and may adjust SDE Technology allocations as needed. Again, our goal is to ensure technology is being used to accomplish specific learning objectives in a classroom/school.